Modern reinterpretation of Hanok

A space of reversal, moving between tradition and modernity

Seochon Yeongrakjae is located under a hanok on the first floor with respect for the traditional Korean style, hanok.

There is a hidden secret space where modern people can live without any inconvenience.

Enjoy the experience of going back and forth between tradition and modernity in a space with a twist.

Find complete joy.

Space for only one team per day

Seochon Youngrakjae, which only accepts one team per day, is perfect for hiding in the city and enjoying your own fun. Enjoy a special time by escaping from everyday life in a peaceful rest.

A place filled with the sincerity and skill of craftsmen

A Hanok carefully built by the hands of a master pastor.

Seochon Yeongrakjae was built with great care by the hands of a master master who specializes in restoring and repairing cultural heritage hanok (traditional Korean houses). Feel the details of the craftsman's sincerity and skill, such as the raised floor, traditional windows, and Korean paper wallpaper.

A secret hideout hidden in a hanok

Comfortable warmth, a hidden space in the ceiling where light enters.

In the hidden space beneath the hanok,

There is a comfortable resting area, kitchen, and restroom.

Feel the tranquility that is different from everyday life in this place where even time lingers.